Vintage Audio

Eumig FL-1000µP

Кассетная дека Eumig FL-1000µP, потрясшая в 1979 году Электронное шоу в Чикаго, вызвав сенсацию и получив награду Award за лучший дизайн и разработку. Имеет фрикционную передачу на тонвал.

Цена: € 1100

Eumig FL-1000µP

Tape speed: 4,75 cm/s 

Deviation from nominal speed: ±0,5%

Tracks: 4         

Transport: Without flywheel, by optoelectronic capstan control

Number of motors: 2    

Number of heads: 3      

Run-uptime: Less than 40 ms    

Wow and flutter: 0,035% wrms, 007% DIN-weighted

Frequency response
Ferric tape: 20-20.000 Hz (30-18.000 Hz ±3dB)       

Chromium tape: 20-22.000 Hz (30-20.000 Hz ±3dB)

Metal particle tape: 20-22.000 Hz (30-20.000 Hz ±3dB)

Erase attenuation: Better than 70 dB


Signal to noise ratio:

Without Dolby

Ferric tape: 57 dB

Chromium tape: 59 dB

Metal particle tape: 62 dB

With Dolby

Ferric tape: 65 dB

Chromium tape: 67 dB

Metal particle tape: 70 dB

With HighCom

Ferric tape: 75 dB

Chromium tape: 76 dB

Metal particle tape: 78 dB

Noise reduction system:

DOLBY NR or Telefunken HighCom with -9 dB position for playback of Dolbyised cassettes


Rewind time for C-60: Less Than 35 seconds (variable speed for fast forward and rewind)

Tape adjustment:


Computest® with microprocessor controlled bias fine adjustment and DOLBY calibration*) for each of the three types of tape


Level indication: Fluorescent peak level indicator with 2x14 segments, measuring range -20 to + 8 dB, with peak hold, dimmer, -6 dB switch for metal particle top and limiter with LED indication


Courier: A digit, electronic, with microprocessor control, location of any random tape position, memory


Automatic functions: Counter reset when open, cassette lid, Rewind and reset when inserting a cassette, Continuous operation, Recording via external



Line 1: 100mV/100 kOhrr,

Line 2: 100 mV/100kOhm microphone near 2 mV, microphone distant 0,2 mv/, suitable for low to medium impedance microphones

DIN: 1 mV/kOhm Earphones 8-2000 Ohms Inputs mixable with masva/ level control and fader ard cordless reverb automatic


Line fix: 775 mV/0dS/100 Ohm

Line variable: 0-775 mV/0dB/100 Ohm DIN: 775 mV/0 dB/500 Ohm


Dimensions: 455(W)x330(D)x177(H) mm

Weight: 12kg

Power consumption: 50W