Vintage Audio

Dual C-844

Цена: € 450

Dual C-844

Tape speed: 9,5cm/s; 4,75cm/s                                               

Wow and flutter (Dolby B; Dolby C) 9,5cm/s

Weighted RMS: 0,02%

to DIN for playback only: 0,04%

to DIN for recording/playback: 0,06%

Wow and flutter (Dolby B; Dolby C) 4,75cm/s

Weighted RMS: 0,035%

to DIN for playback only: 0,07%

to DIN for recording/playback: 0,10%                                                   

Frequency response (ret. to DIN tolerances) 9,5cm/s

Standard Fe tape: 20-24000Hz

Cr02 tape: 20-24000Hz

FeCr tape: 20-24000Hz

Metal tape: 20-24000Hz

Frequency response (ret. to DIN tolerances) 4,75cm/s

Standard Fe tape: 20-17000Hz

Cr02 tape: 20-18000Hz

FeCr tape: 20-19000Hz

Metal tape: 20-20000Hz                                                           

Signal-to-noise-ratio with Dolby NR (Dolby B; Dolby C) 9,5cm/s

Standard Fe tape: 69, 76 dB

Cr02 tape: 69, 76 dB

FeCr tape: 71, 78 dB

Metal tape: 71, 78 dB

Signal-to-noise-ratio with Dolby NR (Dolby B; Dolby C) 4,75cm/s

Standard Fe tape: 67, 74 dB

Cr02 tape: 61, 74 dB

FeCr tape: 69, 76 dB

Metal tape: 69, 76 dB                                                   

Channel separation (at 1,000 Hz)

Between stereo channels: 40 dB

In opposite direction: 70 dB                                                     

Erasure at 1,000 Hz: 70 dB

Oscillator (push/pull oscillator): 124 kHz                                                

Inputs (sensivity at 0 dB)

Microphone (1/4" coaxial jack): 0,4/10 mV/kOhm

Receiver/amplifier (DIN connector): 0,5/5 mV/kOhm

Receiver/amplifier (RCA jacks): 70/50 mV/kOhm                                                          


Receiver/amplifier (DIN connector): 550/4 mV/kOhm

Receiver/amplifier (RCA jacks): 560/4 mV/kOhm

Headphones (1/4 coaxial jack): 4-2000 Ohm                                                     

Fast winding time for C 60 cassettes: 60s - 105s                                                

Tape monitor (electronic) shut-off time: 1,0s                                                     

Line voltage: 220V (50/60Hz)                                                         

Power requirement: 50 W