Vintage Audio

Optonica RT 3838

Optonica RT 3838

Type: 4 track 2 channel stereo cassette tape recorder/player

deck with built-in Dolby noise reduction system


1 x LSI (Large Scale Integrated Circuit)

7x IC (Integrated Circuit)

59x Transistor

34x Diode

2 x LED (Light Emitting Diode)

Tape: Philips standard compact cassette tape

Wow & flutter: 0,15% (DIN 45 500)

Frequency response:

Use of normal tape: 30 ~ 13,000Hz under DIN 45 500

Use of Fe-Cr tape: 30 ~ 16,000Hz under DIN45 500

Use of Maxell UDXLH tape: 30 ~ 15,000Hz under DIN45 500

S/N ratio: Better than 50dB, for normal tape (weighted) at Line-In, without Dolby Noise Reduction

Dolby NR effect: 10dB (at over 5kHz)

Input sensitivity and input impedance:

Microphone: 0.2mV (6.8kohms)

Line: 50mV (54kohms)

Record/play back socket: 0.1mV/kohm

Output level and loaded impedance:

Headphones: 89mV (“0”VU) 8ohm

Line: 775mV (“0”VU) 50kohms

Record/play back socket: 775mV (“0”VU)

Dimensions: 442x144x357 mm

Weight: 9 kg

Power source: AC 220/240V, 50/60Hz

Power consumption: 18 Watts