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Revox B-710

Цена: € 1000

Revox B-710

Transport mechanism

4 motor dual capstan drive for compact cassettes

2 DC-spooling motors controlled by microprocessor

2 capstan shafts individually driven by quartz controlled MDD motors


7-segment display: 4 digit tape counter switchable to time clock

Tape speed: 4,76 cm/s (1 7/8 ips)

Wow and flutter: 0,1 % with C 60 and C 90 cassettes

Useable cassettes: C 46 to C 120; specified data guaranteed up to C 90 only

Winding times: approx. 45 sec. for C 60; approx. 65 sec. for C 90


Noise reduction: Dolby®-B processor in the recording and reproducing channels, switchable MPX-filter


Tape selection

Iec1: Fe2 O3

Iec2: CrO2

Iec4: Metal

Auto - automatic sensing of coded cassettes       


Playback equalization: 3180 + 70/120 μs, manually selectable or auto selection via cassette coding

Level metering: 200 nWb/m equals 0 dB on peak level meters


Distortion at 315 Hz, OdB

Iec1: better than 0.8%

Iec2: better than 2%

Iec4: better than 1 %


Frequency response

Iec1: 20Hz-16kHz+2/-3dB

Iec2: 30Hz-20 kHz+2/-3dB

Iec4: 30Hz-20kHz+2/-3 dB


Signal to noise ratio: better than 66 dB

Crosstalk (at 1kHz, OdB): better than 40 dB

Bias and erase frequency: 105 kHz


Inputs per channel

Mic: 0,35 mV/ 10kohms (unbalanced)

Line: 35mV/220kohms

Din: 0,5 mV/10kohms

Overall margin on all inputs: 40dB (1:100)


Outputs per channel Level at OdB reading

Line Output: max. 0,775V minimum tolerable load 20 kohms adjustable to-26 dB

Din Output: max. 0,775V minimum tolerable load 20 kohms adjustable to-26 dB

Phones: max. 2,45V optimal headphone impedance 200-600 ohms, short-circuit-proof, volume separatly adjustable


Semi-conductor complement

1 microprocessor 2 kx 8 bit

55 IC, 77 transistors, 62 diodes, 54 Led

2 full wave rectifiers, 2 relays, 5 seven-segment display


Voltage selector: 200/240 V AC (voltage selector) ±10 %, 50-60 Hz, max. 50 W

Weight: 10,4 kg

Dimensions: 452x151x352 mm


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