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Pioneer RT 1011 L

The RT-1011 was introduced in 1974 and was Pioneer's most affordable open reel-to-reel tape deck. It was a three head/four track deck that could take the larger ten-inch reels.  It was equipped with three motors and the reels were belt driven.  All Pioneer's open reel decks manufactured between 1973 and 1975 employed synchronous hysteresis motors.  The frequency response was 30-20kHz. The RT-1011 can be distinguished from the RT-1020 at a glance because the former used black plastic knobs and toggle switches but the latter used machined aluminum pieces.  The RT-1011 remained in production from 1974 to 1978.

Pioneer RT 1011 L

Pioneer RT-1011L


Type: 4-track, 2-channel recording and playback.

Operation system: Solenoid drive, direct switchable function buttons.


Heads 3 Total:

1 Hard permalloy Recording Head

1 Ferrite Erase Head

1 Hard permalloy 2-channel Playback Head


Motors 3 Total:

1 Capstan drive motor (4/8-pole two-speed hysteresis synchronous)

2 Reel base drive motors (6-pole inner rotor special induction type)


Maximum Reel Size: 10.5 in (26cm)


Tape Speed - 2 Speeds:

19cm/s (7-1/2ips)

9.5cm/s (3-3/4ips) +/-0.5%


Fast Forward/Rewind Times: 110 sec. with 10 1/2-inch reel and 740m tape


Wow and Flutter:

Less than 0.08% WRMS(19cm/s)

Less than 0.10% WRMS (9.5cm/s)


Signal-to-Noise Ratio: more than 55dB

Total Harmonic Distortion: less than 1% (19cm/s)


Frequency Response:

19cm/s 40Hz to 20,000Hz +/-3dB

9.5cm/s 40Hz to 12,000Hz +/-3dB


Crosstalk: more than 60dB

Channel Separation: more than 50dB

Recording bias Frequency: 125kHz

Equalization: NAB standards


Inputs (Sensitivity/Maximum allowable level/input impedance)

MIC x 2: 0.316mV/100mV/27kOhm, 6mm diam. jacks (suitable microphone, 250 Ohm to 10kOhm)

LINE x 2: 50mV/25V/50k Ohm


Outputs (Reference level/Maximum level/Load impedance)

LINE x 2: 900mV/50k Ohm

HEADPHONES 50mV/8Ohm,6mm diam. jack


Power Requirements: AC 220V 50Hz

Power Consumption: 115 watts, Max. (UL)

Dimensions: 16-27/32” (W) x 17” (H) x 8-15/16”(D)

Weight: 20,8 kg unpacked

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