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Pioneer RT-707

3-motor 4-head reel to reel tape recorder (1977-1981). The Pioneer RT-707 has a tough and reliable construction. The unit combines a 5mm thick front panel and a die-cast frame for the outer casing to protect the heavy inside parts. The construction is designed to display the maximum precision and durability, and the front panel can be mounted in a rack conforming to EIA standards.

Price: € 1100

Pioneer RT-707

Type: 4-track, 2-channel stereo tape deck (with reverse playback)


Operation system:

Solenoid drive, Pushbutton direct change system,

Timer can be set for recording and playback


Heads: 1 Recording Head; 1 Erase Heads; 1 Forward playback Head; 1 Reverse playback Head;



Capstan drive motor 1 (FG-system, AC servo, direct drive)

Reel base drive motors: 2 (6-pole inner rotor induction type)


Acceptable Reel Size: 7in (17,8 cm)

Tape Speed: 1 9cm/s (7-l/2ips), 9.5cm/s (3-3/4ips) ±0.5%

Fast Forward/Rewind Times:  Less than 100 sec. with 7-inch reel and 370m tape


Wow and Flutter:

19cm/s; less than 0.05% WRMS ±0.14% (DIN)

9.5cm/s; less than 0.08% WRMS ±0.18%(DIN)


Signal-to-Noise Ratio: More than 58dB (J IS, DIN)

Total Harmonic Distortion: Less than 1% (1 9cm/s)


Frequency Response:

19cm/s: 20Hz to 28,000Hz (30Hz to 24,000Hz ±3dB) (DIN)

9.5cm/s: 20Hz to 20,000Hz (30Hz to 16,000Hz ±3dB) (DIN)


Crosstalk: More than 50dB

Channel Separation: More than 50dB

Erasure Rate: More than 70dB

Recording Bias Frequency: 125 kHz

Equalization: NAB Standards

Inputs: (Sensitivity/Maximum allowable level/Input impedance):

MIC; 0.25mV/125mV/27k?, 6mm diam. jacks (suitable microphone, 250? to 30k?)

LINE; 50mV/25V/100k?, DIN; 16mV/8V/1.3k?, DIN standards


Outputs: (Reference level/Maximum level/Load impedance)

LINE; 450mV/700mV/50k?,

DIN; 450mV/700mV/50k?, DIN standards



67 transistors (4 FET's),

5 IC's, 47 diodes (1 thyristor, 2 LED's, 4 Zener diodes, 2 varistors,)


Power Requirements: AC 220, 240V (Switchable) 50/60Hz

Dimensions: 480x230x366 mm

Weight: 23.5kg

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