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Sugden A 21 Series Two

The original A21 amplifier was hailed by many leading authorities as the most significant advance in amplifier design technique for many years. The new SERIES TWO version incorporates certain improvements to the original model, including increased power output, improved input sensitivities and disc overload factor, headphone socket, and superb styling.
The rated power output of 12 watts RMS per channel is more than adequate for the vast majority of domestic situations even when using relatively insensitive loudspeakers. Once again it must be stressed that--it is the quality of the watts which is important. With the current trend towards lower impedance loudspeakers, the A21 SERIES TWO has been designed to produce its full output into 8 ohms, although it may be used with absolute safety to drive loudspeakers of higher impedance (at reduced total output).

The magnetic disc input-sensitivity of 2.5mV is adequate for all the latest high quality low output cartridges, and facilities are also provided for the ceramic type of pick-up.

Sugden A 21 Series Two
Price: € 800
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