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Sansui SC-1100

Cassette deck with a wooden main case. The twin VU meters are illuminated for maximum readability and calibrated for accurate recording, illuminated tape counter, Dolby noise reduction, tape selector (normal, high/ FeCr). Also available headphones jack and separate L/R Mic Inputs.

Sansui SC-1100

Sansui SC-1100

Cassette Deck


Track: 4 Track (2-Channel) Record/Playback

Tape Speed: 4.8cm/sec.

Heads: REC/PB (SuperHard Permalloy), ERASE (Ferrite)

Motor: Electronically Speed, Controlled DC Motor

WOW & Flutter: within 0.08% (WRMS)

Fast Wind Time: Approximately 75 seconds (C-60)


Frequency Response (Record/Playback):

Normal tape: (LH) 30-13,000Hz, 35-12,500Hz ±3dB

Chromium Tape: 30-16,000Hz, 35-13,000Hz ±3dB

Signal to Noise Ratio (Record/Playback) Chromium: 54dB (without Dolby) (Weighted)

64dB (with Dolby) (Above 5kHz)

Erasure Factor: more than 60dB (1kHz)


Input Sensitivity and Impedance (0VU, 1kHz):

Mic (Left, Right): 0.2mV 200-10k ohms

Line: 70mV 100k ohms

Din: 0.2mV 4.7k ohms

Output Level (0VU, 1 kHz=160pwb/mm):

Line: 400mV (imp. 47k ohms)

Din: 400mV (imp. 47k ohms)

Phones: 0.1mW/8 ohms

Bias Frequency: 85kHz


Special Features:

Tape Lead-in, Illuminated Tape Counter, Tape Selector (Equalizer, Bias), Dolby NR System, Automatic Stop


Power requirements voltage: 100, 120, 220, 240V (50/60HZ)

Consumption: 13 watts (Rated)

Semiconductors: 19 Transistors; 2 ICs; 16 Diodes; 1 LED

Dimensions (W x H x D, mm): 451 x 170 x 302

Weight: 6.4kg (14.1 lbs.) Net 7.9kg (17.4lbs.) Packed

Finish Accessories: Simulated walnut grain Dust cover, Head cleaning pen, Connecting cords

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