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Akai GX-636

This tape-recorder was produced in the year of 1981. The GX-636 is one of the very last entries in the, now famous, GX series. It is an extremely well made machine greatly benefiting from the evolving technology of its predecessors. Because of its 6 heads, 4 being Glass & Xtal Ferrite, it has the ability to reproduce tape with extreme clarity and stunning accuracy throughout entire frequency range. No other tape deck can compare to the GX-636 in terms of sonic performance, flexibility, and durability. They say GX-636 is even better than GX-747. It is loaded with many features, some of which include: EE Tape Compatibility with the advent of high performance Extra Efficiency (EE) tapes, it caused older reel-to-reel system to be outdated. Head System With the Akai GX Auto reverse in made possible with 6 heads in the GX-636. Four of them are the renowned Akai GX-one each for forward recording, forward playback, reverse recording, reverse playback. They’re arranged along with the two erase heads in the head block with perfect symmetry. So you get accurate, stable tape travel with absolutely no contact error. It’s the unmatched quality of the Akai GX heads that make them a standout feature. Made form low noise crystal ferrite and super hard glass, they’re incredibly durable. The DD capstan motor is extremely stable, maintaining perfect speed at all times, while keeping wow & flutter to a negligible level.

Price: € 1700

Akai GX-636

Track System: 4 Track 2 Channel Stereo System

Reel Capacity: Up to 10" reel
Tape Winding Time: 75 sec. using 360 m (1,200 ft.) Tape


Heads: GX head for recording x2; GX head for playback x2; Erase head x2

Motors: AC Servo motor for capstan drive x1; AC Eddy current motor for reel drive x2

Tape Speed: 19 cm/s ± 0.5%; 9.5 cm/s± 1.0%


Wow & Flutter:

Less than 0.03% WRMS, 0.07% DIN 45500 at 19 cm/s

Less than 0.04% WRMS, 0.09% DIN 45500 at 9.5 cm/s


Frequency Response:

30 to 27,000 Hz ±3 dB at 19 cm/s

30 to 20,000 Hz±3dB at 9.5 cm/s


Signal to Noise Ratio:

Better than 65 dB at 19 cm/s (DIN 45 500)

Dolby NR switch On: Improves up to 10 dB above 5 kHz


Harmonic Distortion: Less than 0.4% at 19 cm/s



MIC: 0.25 mV (input impedance 5.0 kohms)

Required microphone impedance: 600 ohms

Line: 70 mV (input impedance 100 kohms)



Line: 0.775 V at 0 VU required load impedance more than 20 kohms

Phone: 100 mV/8 ohms at 0 VU



Input: 2 mV (input impedance 10 kohms)

Output: 0.3 V Required load impedance more than 20 kohms


Dimensions: 440x483x256 mm

Weight: 21 kg

Power Requirements: 220V, 50Hz

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