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Quad FM-3

VHF/FM broadcasting is intended to provide reception, within the service area of the transmitter (normally 50 to 100 miles) free of interference and capable of reproduction at very high quality. The Quad FM3 tuner will completely fulfil this purpose with any transmission which arrives at the aerial in a condition capable of full quality recovery. Outside the service area of the transmitter it is the nature of VHF/FM for signal strength to fall rapidly and there will be a tendency to fading but the higher sensitivity of the FM3 tuner enables it to receive such signals with the reservation that no tuner can Improve the signal/noise ratio of the signal as it arrives at the aerial. Operating the FM3 is simple; the only control on the front of the FM3 tuner being the tuning knob (which is also used for setting the station markers) and no others are required. There is a pre-set noise suppression control at the rear of the tuner which when correctly adjusted enables the user to tune from one station to another through complete silence. All switching, mono hold, on/off, are provided by the associated Quad 33 control unit. The position on the scale of any five stations may be indicated by pre-set markers. These are positioned by pressing the tuning knob to engage its pointer with any marker in turn, tuning to the stations to be marked and releasing the knob. The markers then stay in position for future reference. The tuning indicator is the original Quad twin lamp system which provides for simple, positive and highly accurate tuning. To achieve (and maintain) the desired bandwidth and shape the tuner employs ceramic filtering. Weight 2.7kg.

Quad FM-3
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