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Quad Electrostatic

First introduced some twenty years ago, the world's first commercial full range electrostatic loudspeaker remains the standard by which all others are judged. Using closely coupled moving elements some two hundred times lighter than the diaphragms of moving coil loudspeakers and being entirely free of cabinet resonances and colouration, this loudspeaker overcomes the usual major problems of loudspeaker design and provides remarkably natural reproduction of sound. This explains why the Quad electrostatic loudspeaker is used by broadcasting and recording organizations all over the world, in applications where quality is of prime importance, and as a standard of reference by the majority of loudspeaker manufacturers. There is no known method of expressing the performance of a loudspeaker in meaningful terms. Impressive specifications and curves are no substitute for a listening test and a comparative demonstration using music and speech material is strongly recommended. The speaker is enclosed within expanded metal grilles with polished wood end frames and feet and is suitable for use under normal domestic living conditions throughout the world. It is designed for use in rooms up to 140 cubic metres. It is essential for both performance and reliability that this loudspeaker be used only with a Quad amplifier or one especially designed for this type of loudspeaker.

Quad Electrostatic

Quad Electrostatic Loudspeaker

Electrostatic Loudspeaker


Maximum output:

2 metres on axis in free space 93dB referred to 0.0002 dynes/cm2 in frequency range 50Hz-10kHz

100dB referred to 0.0002 dynes/cm2 in range 70Hz-7kHz


Bandwidth: 45Hz-18kHz, rate of attenuation asympotic to 18dB/8ve

Dispersion: Approximately 70° horizontal, 15° vertical

Impedance: 30-15 ohm in range 40Hz-8kHz falling above 8kHz


AC voltage: 100-120 or 200-250 volts, 50-60Hz

Front grille: Expanded aluminium, bronze or black


Width: 880mm

Height: 790mm

Depth: 270mm

Weight: 18kg

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