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Yamaha CR-500

FM/AM Receiver with FM range: 88-108MHz, AM: 530-1610KHz, tuning indicator, phones and microphones jack. Possible to choose connected speakers: A, B, A+B. Bass and treble controls, Balance. Select between stereo and mono. Loudness. Black side.

Yamaha CR-500

Yamaha CR-500

FM/AM Receiver


Dynamic Power (IHF) at 1kHz: 60W

RMS Power at 1kHz: 22/22W

Harmonic Distortion at 1kHz: 0.05% at 20W

IM Distortion (70Hz: 7kHz, 4:1): 0.1%at 20W

Power Bandwidth (distortion 0.5% const., IHF): 18-46,000Hz


Sensitivity (for rated output at 8Ω):

Phono 1: 3mV, 50kΩ

Phono 2: 3mV, 50kΩ

AUX, Tape PB (PIN), REC/PB (DIN): 200mV, 50kΩ

Mic: 4mV, 50kΩ

Main In: 775mV, 50kΩ


Output Terminals and Jacks:

Speakers: A, B, A + B

Stereo Headphone Jack: 1

PRE OUT: 775 mV, 10kΩ

REC OUT (PIN): 200 mV, 10kΩ

REC/PB (DIN): 30 mV, 80kΩ

Frequency Response:

Phono: 30-15,000Hz, ±0.5dB

Damping Factor: 40 at 8Ω, 1kHz



FM Range: 88-108MHz

AM Rahge: 53-161KHz

Capture ratio: 1,5dB


Tone Controls:

Bass: ±10dB at 70Hz

Treble: ±10dB at 10kHz



Low: -3dB at 70Hz, 6dB/oct

High: -3dB at 7kHz, 6dB/oct

Loudness Control: +8dB at 70Hz, +6dB at 10kHz

Channel Separation

Phono, AUX, Tape PB, REC/PB: 50dB at 1kHz


Power sources: 100, 110, 117, 125, 220, 240V

Power Consumption, Max: 180W

Dimensions (W x D x H, mm): 420 x 300 x 140

Weight: 9.5kg

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