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Panasonic DR-49

Very popular radio system, produced from 1978 till 1983. Excellent sensitivity, comfortable using, quality sound. Frequency range - АМ/SSB: 535-30150 kHz, FM: 88-108 MHz. Available BFO Pitch. Possible to connect external antenna. Also operates from eight D cells. The RF-4900 is similar to the earlier RF-4800, but with a green fluorescent digital display rather than a red LED digital display. AM and FM frequencies are digitally displayed. Sold outside the United States as the model DR49.

Price: € 1150

Panasonic DR-49

Panasonic DR49 (Panasonic RF-4900)



АМ/SSB: 535-30150 kHz

FM: 88-108 MHz

Handmade: Japan 1978-1983

Coverage: 525-31000 kHz +FM

Readout: Digital Fluor. 1.

Modes: AM/SSB/CW

Selectivity: 5/3.4 kHz

Circuit: Double Conversion


¼" Head. Jack, S/Battery-Meter, RF Gain, BFO, ANL, Bass, Treble,

Speaker Jack, Two Tuning Speeds, Handles, Antenna Trimmer,

Spinner Knob, Light, Record Jack, Auxiliary Audio Input Jack.


Voltages: 230 VAC or 12 VDC

Dimensions (mm): 482 x 198 x 356

Weight: 9.1 kg

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