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Grundig Satellit 500 Professional

Grundig Satellit 500 Professional (built 1989 - 1991) Short Wave Radio in like new condition. Computer Controlled Tuning System, PLL-Synthesizer-Direct-Tuner. It is the professional version, and has been factory modified to cover the frequencies AM 148 kHz-353 kHz  513 kHz-30,000 kHz (International Version). Also available is the full Rom - Table. This Collector radio is the 3- lamp version. The battery compartment is pristine. The radio works beautifully with AC/DC- Adapter, batteries or battery pack, antenna straight, and it is a great performer.

Price: € 550 - 600

Grundig Satellit 500 Professional


Power supply:

Internal; 4 x D cells, 6V, or 4 x rechargeable D cells, 4.8V.

External; 9-12V DC, NR90 100-127V/220-240V


Output power:

Mains operation: 2 x 1.5W RMS.

Battery operation: 2 x 1W RMS


Wave bands:

FM 87.5 - 108 MHz

SW 1612 - 26 100 kHz (satellite 500 professional)

SW 1612 - 30,000 kHz (satellite 500 international)

MW 513 - 1611 kHz

LW 148 - 353 kHz


Station memories:

42 stores mode, bandwidth and mono/stereo

40 broadcaster/156 frequency ROM table


Built-in aerials:

telescopic aerial for FM and SW

ferrite rod aerial for MW and LW




DC 9-12V

Aerial (all wavebands). Switch selectable on SW & FM,



mono Line-out, phono socket

headphone with 3.5 mm Jack plug, 32-2000 ohm, and for stereo tape recordings

external loudspeaker (left hand channel) with 3.5 mm Jack plug, 8 ohm

driving external units: tape recorders (output switch socket)

for external power supply: mains unit NR 90 or 9 – 12V DC (5.5 mm coaxial socket)

external aerial DIN 45325 (75 ohm coaxial socket for all wavebands)


Dimensions (WxHxD): 178 x 304 x 66 mm

Weight: 1.8 kg without batteries

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