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JVC VN-900

Integrated amplifier with Subsonic and High Filters, the 7-section S.E.A. gives flexible control over tone never before available, jacks for headphones, volume and balance controls, AUX 1, 2, 3, Phono 1, 2 input channel selector. Total dynamic power 220W (RMS 120W). Weight 10 kg.

JVC VN-900

JVC VN-900

Integrated Amplifier


Total dynamic power: 220W (110Wx2) 4Ω IHF

170W (85Wx2) 8Ω IHF

RMS continuous power (All channel driven): 120W (60Wx2) 4Ω

100W (50Wx2) 8Ω


THD: 0.25%

IM distortion: 0.4%

Power bandwidth: 20-20,000Hz at rated power

Frequency response: 20-50,000Hz ±0.5dB


S/N ratio:

Phono: 56dB

AUX: 86dB

Tape: 86dB


Input sensitivity:

Phono 1: 2.5mV

Phono 2: 2.5mV

AUX: 200mV

TAPE MON.: 200mV


Tone control:

S.E.A.: Center frequency 40, 150, 400 (Hz), 1, 2.4, 6, 15 (kHz), control range ±12.5dB


Power source: AC 100-240V selectable, 50/60Hz

Dimensions (H x W x D, cm): 13.8 x 42.0 x 33.3

Weight: 12.8kg

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