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Integrated amplifier with 57 watts per each channel at 1kHz, with no more than 0.001% THD. Possible to select inputs, speaker systems selector. Subsonic filter, loudness control, balance control, MM/MC selector. Triple power protection. High-gain DC phono EQ accepts both MM and MC cartridges. Variable loudness contour. High-gain DC-Servo phono EQ (MC/MM cartridges). LED power level indicators for each channel (12 elements per channel). Jack for headphones. Weight 8.3kg.



Integrated amplifier



Phono EQ Amp: DC Servo ICL for MM/MC Cartridges

Power Amp: Super-A ICL High-Gain DC

Power Supply: Direct Power System for Power Amplifying Stages

Output Power: 57 watts RMS per channel, both channels driven, into 8 ohms, 1kHz, 0.001% THD

55 watts RMS per channel, both channel driven, into 8 ohms, 20Hz to 20kHz, 0.005% THD


Total Harmonic Distortion:

AUX to SP out: 0.001% at Rated Output, 8 ohms, 1kHz

0.005% at Rated Output, 8 ohms, 20Hz to 20kHz

0.02% at Rated Output, 8 ohms, 20Hz to 50kHz

Phono to SP out: 0.007% at Rated Output, 8 ohms, 20Hz to 20kHz, - 30dB Volume

Intermodulation Distortion: 0.004% (60Hz: 7kHz = 4:1) at Rated Output, 8 ohms

Switching Distortion: 0


Transient Intermodulation Distortion: 0

Power Bandwidth: 5Hz to 60kHz (IHF, both channels driven, 8 ohms, 0.02% THD)

Frequency Response: DC to 100kHz +0, -3dB (8 ohms)

Damping Factor: 75 (1kHz, 8 ohms)


Input Sensitivity (Impedance) at 1kHz:

Phono (MM): 2.5mV (47k ohms)

Phono (MC) 200µV (100 ohms)

Tuner, AUX, Tape: 150mV (47k ohms)


Signal-to-Noise Ratio:

Phono (MM): 84dB/83dB

Phono (MC): 67dB/76dB

Tuner, AUX, Tape: 109dB/83dB


Tone Controls:

Bass: 100Hz ±8dB

Treble: 10kHz ±8dB

Muting: -20dB

Subsonic Filter: 18Hz, -6dB/oct. (on Phono EQ)

Loudness (-30dB Volume): 100Hz, 0 to +6dB Variable Contour


Phono equalizer section:

Phono Overload:

MM: 220mV (1kHz, 0.005% THD)

MC: 15mV (1kHz, 0.005% THD)

RIAA Phono Equalization:

MM: ±0.3dB (20Hz to 20kHz)

MC: ±0.5dB (30Hz to 20kHz)


Dimensions (H x W x D, mm): 120 x 450 x 345

Weight: 8.3kg

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