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Quad 33

The Quad 33 selects and controls the radio tuners, gramophone pickup and tape recorder connected to it and feeds the loudspeakers via the power amplifier, providing for stereo, or mono on either or both channels, from all inputs, plus monitoring and track selection facilities for tape. Quad units may be used either free-standing or mounted in a cabinet, with plenty of scope for individual preference in layout design. The standard Quad system of mounting is used, requiring only a rectangular cut-out for which a template is provided. The controls are comprehensive but simple and are logically grouped to facilitate selection and control of the programme. The filter is essential with modern good quality speakers and helpful at any time. It removes surface noise, tracing distortion and similar shortcomings in the upper frequency range of the recording or broadcast, and the two control filter system achieves this to a very fine degree without intruding unnecessarily into the harmonic range so essential for realistic reproduction. Another fixed, built-in, filter cuts out (without affecting the normal low frequency response of the equipment) unwanted signals at frequencies below 20Hz, due to mechanical causes in motors and turntable mechanisms. Entirely separate from the filters are the bass and treble controls which provide independent adjustment of tonal balance when required. This operation is symmetrical and smooth without any unpleasant 'steps' in the response. Weight 3kg.

Quad 33

Quad 33 Control Unit




All controls level, 0.5V rms output, with any input 0.02%; any control settings and any level within overload ratings <0.1%: both at 30-10 kHz


Residual noise: 0-30 phon weighting 15.7kHz bandwidth: <-90dB controls level or cancel

Frequency response: Any input, any output, RIAA or flat as appropriate: ±0.5dB 30-20kHz

Tone controls: ±1dB of curves shown opposite

Filters: To curves shown opposite at 5kHz, 7kHz and 10kHz ±5%

Interchannel balance: Within 1dB with volume control varied from maximum to -45dB

Balance control range: 9dB either way



Dependent on input source impedances. Replay/record typically better than 70dB; interchannel typically better than 40dB: both at 30-10kHz


Power input: 100-130 or 200-260V, 50-60Hz, 1.5 watts


Width: 260mm

Height: 92mm freestanding, 83mm panel only

Depth: 165mm freestanding, 140mm behind cabinet panel when mounted (Allow 64mm beyond rear panel for connectors)

Weight: 3kg

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