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Marantz SD-3000

Cassette deck with 1 DC servo motor, front loading system and 4.75cm/s tape speed. LED bar meters. Selector for use of standard, CrO2, or all FeCr tapes with fine bias and EQ adjustment. Dolby NR system, Multiplex filter, 2 head system with “combi sendust”. Jack for headphones. Also available 2 mic inputs with level control, counter. Weight 6.6kg.

Marantz SD-3000

Marantz SD 3000

Cassette Deck


Loading system: Front

Motor(s) and type: 1 DC Servo

Tape speed(s): 4.75 cm/s

Number of heads: 2

Peak indication system: LED peak (2)


Frequency response w/o Dolby:

4.75 cm/s Normal: 40-12.5 Hz-kHz

CrO2: 40-15 Hz-kHz

FeCr: 40-16.5 Hz-kHz


Wow and flutter:

4.75 cm/s DIN: 0.17%

WRMS: 0.08%


Width: 416mm

Height: 146mm

Depth: 239mm

Net weight: 6.6kg

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