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Marantz 1820 MkII

Cassette deck with 1 DC servo motor, front loading system and 4.75cm/s tape speed. Tape counter, separate equalization and bias selectors for normal, CrO2 and FeCr tapes. Dual Dolby Noise Reduction System. Twin microphone inputs and record level controls for each channel. Wide range, professional type VU-meters, LED peak indicators. Superhard Permalloy record/playback head. Also available jack for headphones. Weight 5.8kg.

Marantz 1820 MkII

Marantz 1820MKII

Cassette Deck


Loading system: Front

Motor(s) and type: DC Servo

Tape speed(s): 4.75 cm/s

Number of heads: 2

Peak indication system: 2 x Vumeters


Frequency response w/o Dolby:

4.75 cm/s Normal: 40-12.5 Hz-kHz

CrO2: 40-15 Hz-kHz

FeCr: 30-16.5 Hz-kHz


Wow and flutter:

4.75 cm/s DIN: 0.17%

WRMS: 0.10%


Width: 416mm

Height: 146mm

Depth: 242mm

Net weight: 5.8kg

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