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JBL Paragon

Components inside are as follows: 

JBL 15" Woofers LE15A. 8 Ohms. DCR reads 9.6 Ohms and 9.0 Ohms.
This is a powerful transducer capable of reproducing lowest musical fundamentals at concert hall intensity. Delivers solid, firm bass in closed cabinets of 6-8 cubic feet of internal volume.

JBL Mid Range Driver 375. 16 Ohms. DCR reads 10.5 Ohms and 11.0 Ohms.
Originally designed for premium theatre installations, the JBL 375 is acknowledged to be the ultimate for reproduction of midrange and highs. Steep wavefronts of explosive loudness are taken in stride by the powerful magnet and 4" diaphragm.  

JBL 075 Tweeters. DCR reads 6.7 Ohms and 7.5 Ohms.
Design for exceptional systems, crossing over at 2500 cps or higher. Uses the exclusive JBL annular diaphragm for flat response well beyond the limits of human hearing.

JBL Paragon

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