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Sansui G-7700

FM/AM Receiver, FM range: 88-108Mhz, AM: 530-1600kHz. Power level indicator. LED Signal and Tune indicators. Possibility to choose connected speaker systems: A, B, A+B or off. Bass, Treble, Balance controls. Also available High and Subsonic filters. FM, AM, Phono 1, Phono 2, Tape/AUX selector. Tuning and Volume controls. Jacks for phones and microphones.

Sansui G-7700

Sansui G-7700

FM/AM Receiver


Power Output: Min. RMS, both Channels driven, from 20Hz to 20,000Hz, with no more than 0.025% total harmonic distortion 120 watts per Channel into 8 ohms. Min RMS, both Channels driven, at 1,000Hz. with no more than 0,025% total harmonic distortion. 130 watts per channel into 8 ohms


Total Harmonic Distortion:

Overall (from AUX) less than 0.025% at or below rated min. RMS power output

Overall (from AUX) less than 0015% at 1kHz, 120W power Output

Intermodulation Distortion (70Hz: 7,000Hz = 4:1 SMPTE method):

Overall (from AUX) less than 0,025% at or below rated min. RMS power output

Damping Factor: 80 into 8 ohms at 50Hz, 50 into 8 ohms

Load impedance: 8 ohms

Slew Rate: 60V/?Sec.

Rise Time: 1,4?Sec


Frequency Response (at 1 watt):

Power Amp Section: DC to 200,000Hz +0dB, -3,0dB

Overall (from AUX): 5 to 75,000Hz +0.2dB, -2.0dB

RIAA Curve Deviation (20 to 20kHz): + 0.2dB, -0.2dB


Hum And Noise (IHF):

Phono: 78dB

AUX: 95dB

Channel Separation (at 1,000Hz):

Phono: 60dB

AUX: 65dB

Input Sensitiv1ty And Impedance (at 1,000Hz):

Phono 1, 2: 2.5mV, 47k ohms

AUX: 150mV, 47k ohms

Mic: 6mV, 10k ohms

(Phono: Max. input capability more than 250mV RMS at 0.1% distortion)

Output Voltage and Impedance (at 1,000Hz):

Tape Rec (PIN): 150mV, 47k ohms


Bass: +10dB, -10dB at 50Hz

Treble: +10dB, -10dB at 10kHz

Loudness: +8dB at 50Hz, +6dB at 10kHz


Subsonic: -3dB at 16Hz (6dB/oct.)

High: -10dB at 10kHz (6dB/oct.)

Muting (Audio): -20dB


FM Section:

Tuning Range: 88 to 108MHz

50dB Quieting Sensitivity:

Mono: 14dBf (2.8?V IHF T-100)

Stereo: 36dBf (34.7?V IHF T-100)



Mono (IHF): 9.8dBf (1.7?V IHF T-100)

(DIN): 1.0/?V

Stereo: 17dBf (3,9?V IHF T-100)

Signal to Noise Ratio At 65dBf:

Mono: 76dB

Stereo: 71dB


Frequency Response:

Mono: 30 to 15,000Hz + 0.5dB, - 1.0dB

Stereo: 30 to 15,000Hz + 0.5dB, -1.0dB

Distortion at 65dBf:

Mono: less than 0.1 % at 100Hz, less than 0.1 % at 1,000Hz, less than 0.25% at 6,000Hz

Stereo: less than 0.23% at 100Hz, less than 0.15% at 1,000Hz, less than 0.23% at 6,000Hz

Capture Ratio: 1.0dB

Alternate Channel Selectivity: 70dB at 400kHz

Spurious Response Ratio: 90dB at 98MHz

Image Response Ratio: 70dB at 98MHz


If Response Ratio:

Balanced: 95dB at 98MHz

RF Intermodulation: 60dB at 98MHz

AM Suppression Ratio: 50dB at 98MHz

Stereo Separation: 35dB at 100Hz, 42dB at 1,000Hz, 30dBat 10,000Hz

Antenna Input Impedance: 300 ohms balanced, 75 ohms unbalanced


AM Section:

Tuning Range: 530 to 1,600kHz

Sensitivity (Bar antenna): 50dB/m (300µV/m)

Selectivity: 33dB at 1,000kHz

Signal To Noise Ratio: 46dB

Total Harmonic Distortion: less than 0.5% at 30% Mod. 80dB/m

Image Response Ratio: 46dB at 1,000kHz

IF Response Ratio: 38dB at 1,000kHz


AC Outlets: switched max. 100 watts, unswitched total 150 watts

Semiconductors: 95 Transistors; 70 Diodes; 5 FETs; 12 ICs


Power Voltage: 100, 120, 220, 240V 50/60HZ

Power Consumption: 430 watts

Dimensions (W x H x D, mm): 505 x 182 x 422

Weight: 18kg (39.7lbs.) Net, 20.5kg (45.2lbs.) Packed

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