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Vintage Audio

We would like to bring to your attention Vintage Audio, the first project of its kind in Ukraine.

The increasing popularity and interest in audio equipment which stood the test of time, created a new segment within the Hi-Fi market called Vintage Audio. Unfortunately, this term is not yet well known to most pure sound and music lovers.


The whole era of audio development was logically divided by milestones. These didn't just leave their mark on the new technological solutions, but also on the characteristics of sound and product design. Transistors replaced valves, micro circuit-boards are in turn replacing transistors. Musicality turned into sterile digital technologies. The design lost its technical characteristics by offering black or metallic-looking boxes with plastic controls. However, High-End is still alive! In most cases it is represented by audio components of an impressive weight and with superior industrial design, employing the "good-old" valve technology. Analogue sources have an extremely high rating here. All of this controversially suggests a new term - "modern vintage". This analogy demonstrates the actuality of modern interest in Vintage Audio. But how about the popular notion of the price-quality tradeoff? Well, not a single modern product is able to compete with Vintage Audio on this front.


On this website we have placed (and will be placing!) all the information about Vintage Audio that is available to us. However, we would like to warn you that most vintage equipment is different and not all sounds modern. We invested a lot of time and effort into research and selection of components which have not lost their musical qualities over time. The selection of a reproduction system is equally as crucial as in the modern day. We can search for equipment which suits You in Europe, USA and Japan. We can also order unique products and antiquities. To quote a developer from a swiss company Revox: "We cannot mass produce such masterpieces, they do not age, neither do they lose their value and their technical solution is exemplary even for the generations to come."

Welcome to the world of wonderful technologies, created in the times when analogue sound was in its prime.


Kenwood KX-830
€ 500
Niesen Baby 359
€ 650
Siemens 6S ELA 2427
€ 2500
MBLE 845
€ 850
AOR AR-3030
€ 550
Carad TC-32
€ 450
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